About the company.

Our Mission

Help our customers be part of the green energy revolution

We help eco-conscious home owners and builders save money on their energy bill by getting the best possible solar energy solutions. 

Configuring your own solar panel system can be challenging. Especially given all the providers and, components on the market, and your design factors to consider. A key factor for many consumers is return on investment. As in, how long before their solar investment pays off.

Professional installers are the ones best equipped to recommend the ideal system to suit each customer's needs, but may not be marketing experts.   

Solar Panel Guide fills that gap.  We use refined internet marketing to connect to right customer to the right installer.

Our History

internet marketing in the development space since the late 90's.

  • MARCH 1997

    Worked with inventors, 3D designers and marketers to bring new building products to market.

  • JAN 2000

    Creation of Morpheus Studios agency to help small and medium business expand their brands online with cutting edge website design and SEO marketing.

  • JULY 2016

    Expansion into internet advertising, Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Lead Marketing.